Dr Foster, The Power, Sauerkraut and Getting Arty #LittleLoves

I’ve been enjoying other bloggers’ weekly #LittleLoves for a while now – the linky from Morgana at Coffee Work Sleep Repeat with a round up of the things you’ve liked and loved in the categories of read, watched, heard, wore and made within the week. My own natural nosiness curiosity about people means I love finding out all about what other bloggers are enjoying, and I get a lot of inspiration and ideas from my regular Little Loves peeks. I’d like to think that other people might also find my likes and loves helpful, and so for the first time ever I thought I’d give it a go! If you enjoy this, please let me know and encourage me to keep participating more regularly. As a needy writer type, I can’t tell you how much it means when someone gives a little ‘like’ on my blog posts or drops me a quick comment to say hello.


This week I’ve been reading The Power by Naomi Alderman, a cleverly written novel based around the idea of girls developing powers that allow them to start taking over the world. I’d seen so many people talking about it on Instagram that I couldn’t resist trying it (yes, I admit it, I’m a total Insta-sheep!) I’m not too far into it yet but so far it’s looking fantastic. I’ll do a full review of the book in my Reading, Watching, Listening to post later in the month.

The Power Book.JPG

The kids and I also read a fantastic book called The Journey by Francesca Sanna, a lovely story about a refugee family escaping a war torn country in search of a better life. One of the things I love about reading is it’s ability to foster empathy and kindness. My children were really touched by this book and it prompted a lot of discussion about what life for refugee families must be like.

The Journey Book.JPG


We had a very quiet time last weekend, allowing me the chance to pop onto the BBC iPlayer and catch up on episode 1 of the new series of Dr Foster. With all sorts of tension between the protagonist and her newly returned ex husband, it made for a fantastic – and sometimes cringe inducing – watch (that bit where she was poking around her ex’s supposedly empty house, oh dear!). And as for that final scene – what drama! I can’t wait to see what my favourite wronged doctor has in store tonight.


I’ve got back into listening to The Worried Writer podcast this week, but some of the best things I’ve heard lately have been out of the mouths of babes. After being a bit grumpy recently, I apologised profusely to my littlest, who took my face in his hands and said ‘it doesn’t matter if you’re grumpy, because you’re still my beautiful Mum.’ If we all ended disagreements this gracefully, wouldn’t relationships be wonderful? With charm like his I think my son is going to make someone a very lovely partner one day (one day very far into the future. I’ve decided I’m never going to let go of my little boys).


One of the reasons I’ve held back from joining in with Little Loves for so long is the ‘wore’ thing – my blog name Wellies on the School Run probably says it all. I spend a lot of my time in outdoor gear and the rest in standard skinny jeans/stripy top Mummy uniform. I really need to up my game in the fashionista stakes.


At the weekend the boys and I did some art stuff, I love pottering about with pencils, paper and paint. The kids did some stencilling while I did some faffing around and drawing. I’m not great at drawing from imagination but if I have a photo or something to copy it’s a pastime I really enjoy.

A surge of wintry weather has also prompted me to get some soup going, one of the things I love doing when the weather gets colder is using our Sunday chicken to make bone broth and then using that to make a lovely warming soup. When life gives you lemons make lemonade I say. And when life gives you torrential rain and wind rapping at the windows make bone broth, soup, and lots of cups of tea.

Arty Afternoon.JPG

Bone Broth and Soup.JPG

I’m also trying my hand at making Sauerkraut this week, a fermented cabbage concoction recommended by a nutrionist I’ve been seeing since a bout of pneumonia left me with a list of autoimmune complaints. I’ve yet to see how it turns out as you have to leave it fermenting for a few days. If it’s a success, I’ll tell you about it next week. If not, let’s never speak of it again.


We’re having a quiet week here this week as my littles have both had the latest tummy bug doing the rounds at school. I’m keeping my fingers crossed neither myself or my husband get it and we can continue to mop the brows of our littlest loves of all.

G x

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17 thoughts on “Dr Foster, The Power, Sauerkraut and Getting Arty #LittleLoves

  1. Suzanne W says:

    Ah I’m so pleased you’ve joined in! And yes, it’s a great one for the nosey ones like me 😉 I love the sound of a lot of the things you mention here: The Power has been recommended to me before but I forget about it so thanks for the reminder! I also like the sound of that podcast you mentioned! Little Loves I great for finding new ideas but also good for accountability – it’s made me up my game in both fashion and making things! xx

    • welliesontheschoolrun says:

      Aww thanks Suzanne! Yes I think I’ll try to make it a more regular thing:) The Power is really thought provoking, I hope you enjoy it:) And the podcast is fab, with lots of author interviews – so fascinating to hear how other people work x

  2. hayleyfromhome says:

    I love making soup this time of year, always so comforting I think! I’ve heard a lot of good things about The Power too, it’s on my to read list and I love the sound of The Journey. I like books for kids that are a little bit different. I’m going to check out the podcast too, adding it to my list of many to listen too! xx

    • welliesontheschoolrun says:

      Oh yes, Hayley, soup at this time of year is so nice! I don’t make soups much in the summer but as soon as Autumn comes round I make it every week. The weather has been pretty awful here lately so it’s definite comfort eating! I hope you enjoy The Journey and of course the podcast. It’s one I really do enjoy – I need to find more in a similar style! x

  3. Debbie (@anorganisedmess) says:

    Ooooh, I think I might be your sheep in that case 😉 I have The Power on my bookshelf and am a complete binge fan of Dr Foster. And yes, I think I’m intrigued to find out how your sauerkraut turns out. I hope the week has seen a surge in positive health! x

    • welliesontheschoolrun says:

      Haha, don’t worry Debbie, you’re in good company, I am very influenced by what I see over there! It does go to show how powerful a platform it is:) I’m not holding out much hope on the Sauerkraut, so far there seems to be very little going on! I’ll let you know next week, fingers crossed it will work out in the end! x

  4. coffeeworksleep says:

    So very pleased that you’ve joined in! Don’t worry about the ‘Wore’ part, I often just skip it!!
    The Power is a fantastic book and definitely one that leaves you thinking and questioning, it would be great to have a book club style discussion on.
    Hope the Sauerkraut turned out well! xx

    • welliesontheschoolrun says:

      Aww thanks Morgana, it’s so nice to be joining in! Yes the Power is really thought-provoking. I am actually in a book club (although we don’t meet that often). I really should recommend it to the group! Unfortunately nothing much seems to be happening with the Sauerkraut. I’m hoping it just needs a bit longer to ferment! 🙂 x

  5. Eilidh says:

    Ooh that book sounds fab. I need a new one to read. Good luck with the Sauerkraut. I had pneumonia a few years ago and it’s left me with asthma! I never had it before. Hope it helps you. Eilidh x

    • welliesontheschoolrun says:

      Oh what a shame about the asthma Eilidh! Yes I had no idea how much of a long term impact having pneumonia would bring 🙁 I’m hoping all the good eating will help my immune system – fingers crossed the sauerkraut turns out okay! x

  6. Jess Soothill says:

    Love what you made and so clever! Looking forward to making hearty, comforting food myself this time of year 🙂 Heard so much about Dr Foster and need to join in with the gang! Jess x

  7. travelingchristie says:

    Oh no I hope you are feeling better now, I love autumn days at home and there has been plenty with all this rain! That book looks fab to I will check it out x

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