Reading and Watching Lately Pin March 17

I love reading and now that my kids are getting a bit older I actually have time to enjoy it sometimes too! You can find a round up of my favourite reads from 2016 here. I started my ‘Reading, Watching, Listening to Lately’ series in early 2017, as a monthly round up of the books I had read, the films and shows I had watched, and the music or podcasts I had been listening to in the preceding month. Do have a look at some of my recent Reading, Watching, Listening to posts if you’d like to get some inspiration for your future entertainment. And do also let me know if there’s something you’d like to recommend I read, watch or listen to aswell!

Reading, Watching, Listening to Lately – March 2017

Reading, Watching, Listening to Lately – February 2017

Reading and Watching Lately – January 2017