Sustainable Travel

I recognise the value of tourism to the rural Highlands and enjoy sharing information that promotes responsible, sustainable travel to the region. In parallel, I also recognise the difficulties ventures like the North Coast 500 have brought to small communities and fragile environments around the north. My own personal ethos is to focus on the unique heritage and culture that makes the far north of Scotland special, and to be supportive of local businesses who rely on tourism for their income. If you are interested in travel which respects the Highland way of life, our environment, and our local communities I hope you’ll find much to interest you here.

Views from Melness, Sutherland, over Skinnet beach with view of mountainsPhoto of trees and view towards Talmine beach, SutherlandDaffodils Thrumster HouseBlue Skies ThursoPink and Blue Sunrise CaithnessDec 17 Pink SunriseCaithness Sunrise January